6 Steps to Take IMMEDIATELY After a Car Accident in North Carolina

We hope you will NEVER have to use the information provided in this blog, but statistics say you will, unfortunately, need to at some point. The average driver will be involved in three to four car accidents in their lifetime, and almost 30 percent of all car accidents result in injuries.

In the haze of a serious car accident, it can be difficult to stay calm and keep a level head. For that reason, it is important for you to know exactly what to do ahead of time. If you follow the steps we outline below, you will be well on your way to protecting your accident claim and receiving what you deserve.

Step 1: Pull over, take a deep breath, and, if you are able, call 911.

North Carolina law requires drivers involved in an accident to stay at the scene. If the accident does not incapacitate you (for example, knock you unconscious), call the authorities as soon as you can safely do so. Take a few moments to collect yourself, because you need to give the 911 dispatcher as much information as possible. Do not, however, say anything about whose fault the accident was.

Step 2: Get medical treatment, even if you’re not sure that you’re injured.

Sometimes, it’s not clear whether or not you’re fine after an auto accident. Some injuries, especially internal ones, are not immediately apparent after a collision. What’s more is that failing to get necessary medical attention could weaken your claim to recoup bills for treatment you end up needing later. If you do need treatment, keep your bills and other documentation on hand.

Step 3: Give ONLY the information you are required to give, and nothing more. 

Besides giving the 911 dispatcher the information they need to send emergency personnel, you are required to provide basic contact and insurance information. Beyond that, we strongly recommend staying quiet. You are not required to give your complete version of events or speculate on the accident’s cause to anyone.

Step 4: Begin gathering evidence.

Again, as long as you are able and it is safe to do so, start documenting the scene. Take plenty of pictures and videos with your smartphone. Speak with anyone who may have seen the accident take place, and be sure to get their names and contact information. Ask the responding police officers how you may receive a copy of the accident report.

Step 5: Call your insurance company as soon as you can.

Your insurance company will not have your back if you do not have theirs, so to speak. What this means is that while your insurer must pay out in a covered loss, you also have certain responsibilities. The first one you must fulfill after an accident is notifying your agent and providing them with certain information. Auto insurance claims usually have a clause requiring drivers to notify the insurer “as soon as practicable” after an accident. Not fulfilling your obligations to your insurance company after an accident puts your claim at major risk. 

Step 6: Call the Ralph Bryant Law Firm. 

Both the immediate and prolonged aftermath of a car accident can be scary and unfamiliar. We’ve helped countless North Carolina drivers, after all manner of car accidents, get the compensation they deserve. Once you call our firm, your only job is to get well–we will handle the rest.

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