Auto Accidents

The Moments After Your Accident Are Crucial

We understand car accidents can be traumatizing and leave you feeling hopeless, powerless, and out of options. Attorney Ralph Bryant Jr. is here to help you get your life back on track and make sure your insurance gives you what you’re owed.

We cover auto accidents whenever the other driver or your insurance fails to do their part to compensate you fairly. Outside of seeking the necessary medical treatment, you have just a precious few moments to collect all the information you need from other drivers involved and protect yourself right after your crash. Do not give anyone else at the scene any information aside from the necessary insurance details. You are NOT required to give any statements in a car accident case and should never do so without the help of an attorney.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Attorney Ralph Bryant Jr. handles tractor-trailer accidents and understands these cases can rise in severity even if you do the right thing. These cases are often handled in federal court due to jurisdiction issues, and we can take your case even in federal court. After all, many truck drivers don’t live in the state where the accidents take place.

No matter the severity of your tractor-trailer accident, it’s imperative that you contact us immediately. We have a great relationship with experts who we can call to the scene quickly to help reconstruct the accident and start your defense. This will give you the upper hand in proving you’re not responsible for damages which can even rise to the level of wrongful death.

As always, the first priority is your health. We want you to take care of your physical health before worrying too much about your legal options. Once you are in treatment, call us and let us do the rest.