Workers’ Comp Cases Require One of These Two Circumstances

When you’re hurt at work, it can disrupt the progress of the work at hand and your career as a whole. You’re going to need to focus on recovering physically while also making sure your finances are taken care of whether the injury is short-term or long-term. Workers’ compensation will play a key role in keeping your finances on track – as long as one of two circumstances are present.

You won’t get paid for just any injury at work. If you’re just walking down the hallway and roll your ankle then you won’t be owed anything. No, instead your injury needs to be the result of a work accident or occupational disease.

Accidental workplace injuries

One of the two circumstances that can lead to workers’ compensation will be an accidental injury in the workplace. This covers a wide array of injuries and generally is going to cover you outside of freak incidents that have no relation to the workplace or work being done.

In order to get recovery in North Carolina, the accident must be work-related. North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system is a “no-fault” system. This means it does not matter who is at fault for the accident as long as it was a work-related injury. Even if you or a coworker were messing around and caused your injury you will likely still be due recovery.

Occupational disease

The other circumstance that can result in workers’ compensation is any occupational disease. This cover many symptoms and ailments that many desk workers may experience throughout their career.

Repetitive motions, whether at a desk or on an assembly line, can result in carpel tunnel syndrome or eye strain. If the pain becomes severe enough that you’re physically unable to perform the duties of your job then you can file a workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina.

The same is true for situations where you’re inhaling fumes like ammonia that cause you to develop an illness. This has been a common issue at chicken plants in North Carolina – including a situation where one person was killed and four others were injured.

Some people are exposed to fumes and substances that they’re allergic to at work. This can cause you to have seemingly unrelated symptoms such as heart problems, trouble breathing, and more. Keep track of when these symptoms are present and when they subside because if it’s consistently happening at work or just in one area of work then you may be getting exposed to an allergen.


There are a few scenarios where your workers’ compensation request can be denied even if the right circumstances are present. One is when the injured worker is found to be intoxicated or under the influence of a drug that was not prescribed to them by a doctor. Using alcohol or recreational drugs in the workplace not only puts your workers’ comp case at risk but your long-term financial security.

The other scenario is when you’re determined to have intentionally caused the accident in order to injure or kill yourself. These actions are a sign of a bigger issue that should be addressed, but you won’t receive workers’ compensation if officials can prove you intended to hurt yourself (whether due to mental health problems or because you hoped to secure workers’ compensation).

If you aren’t excluded and feel you have a case against your employer for workers’ comp you’re owed then contact Ralph Bryant Law Firm. We are committed to justice and can make sure you receive the recovery you’re owed from an accidental workplace injury or occupational disease as a result of the work you do every day.

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